Johnston Construction Company looks for people who thrive on challenge, who are geared for growth, who want assignments that are meaningful - in short, people who will make a difference. We offer exciting career opportunities to individuals with strong values and a desire to achieve and excel to their fullest potential. We believe an organization is only as strong as the people they employ.

This is one reason why Johnston Construction Company encourages employee growth and satisfaction. Take our education and training programs for instance. We provide specialized training and education on technical skills, project management and leadership with an emphasis on individual career development. We support these efforts through our Educational Assistance Program, company paid internal and external training, and an emphasis on quality employee and supervisor relationships. We encourage people to fully consider their personal goals and values in their work and life balance in planning their careers.

Johnston Construction Company offers the best comprehensive benefit package, better then what is typically found in most construction companies or any other industry. Some of the benefits include the following:

Employee Stock Ownership (ESOP) Plan:

We have always believed that our employees are our greatest assets. We have been an employee owned company since 1982. This plan is a company funded only plan for all employees that have been employed at least one year with the company. Discretionary contributions are made once a year.

Retirement Savings Plan:

We offer a retirement savings plan with a 401(k) plan feature and quarterly matches. The 401(k) feature allows the employee to contribute weekly into the plan and offers a wide variety of investment options.

Medical Plan:

We offer comprehensive medical coverage and options. Coverage is available for the employee, the employee and spouse, employee and child (or children), or employee and family. The health plan includes HSA feature and a company match on employee HSA contributions.

Dental Plan:

We offer a traditional dental plan for all eligible employees and their dependents. Coverage is provided for the employee, the employee and spouse, employee and child (or children), or employee and family - all at no additional cost to the employee.

Vision Plan:

A vision insurance program is available for employees and their covered dependents for a small weekly fee.

Life Insurance:

The company provides each full time employee with basic term life insurance.

Disability Benefit:

The company provides short-term and long-term disability insurance. Employees are eligible for long-term disability insurance after 6 months of active employment.

Holiday and Vacation:

The company provides a generous holiday schedule for full-time office employees and field employees.

The company provides paid vacation based on the employee’s service as of January 1st each year.

Other Benefit Plans:

  • Employee Assistance Plan
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment Benefits
  • Educational Assistance
  • Long Commute Travel Pay
  • Travel Per-diem/expense Pay